An interactive community installation of the Lumiphonic Creature Choir - The Museum of Faces -
will be shown at 107 Projects, Redfern, Sydney, in October 2018.

The general public will be invited to have their own say on important topical issues
and become directly part of the evolving and ever-changing Creature Choir!

- A pop-up prototype of The Museum of Faces
was previously held in Brooklyn, New York, in 2016. -

musuem of faces

The Museum of Faces is an interactive exhibit exploring new innovative ways
to share stories in the 21st Century.

Sydney is a fast-moving gallery of humanity, but there is little space
to stop and listen to the diverse faces around us.

We want to create such a communal space. Not online but in real-life,
using our giant twelve-headed invention – the Lumiphonic Creature Choir!

The Museum of Faces is uniquely interactive. YOU are both the viewer and exhibit.

At the Museum you can:

• listen to the views of your fellow human beings
• directly play the giant faces for yourself
• record your own voice and face for the Museum!


Coming to 107 Projects Redfern in October 2018.







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