The Museum of Faces is a giant interactive installation based on the Lumiphonic Creature Choir
where you can listen to the voices of your community,  record your own story...  and become one of the faces in the Museum!


The Museum of Faces- Overview: 107 Redfern, Sydney, 2018.

In 2018, the Museum of Faces was held in Redfern, Sydney. Designed to record and tell the stories of the local community and beyond, this futuristic invention by Synarcade Audio-Visuals was an astonishing communal forum with over 1200 people taking part.

Visitors were invited to approach the work and press a glowing button to make the faces come alive and speak. sThey could then step into a special Video Capture Booth and contribute their own face, voice, and story... becoming part of the ever-changing Museum of Faces.


Image by Nicola Bailey

A pop-up prototype of The Museum of Faces
was previously held in Brooklyn, New York, in 2016.




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