Live Visuals

Synarcade Audio-VIsuals creates live interactive visuals for festivals, large-scale outdoor events, corporate clients and bands.

Synarcade has produced live VJ visuals for some of the leading international musical acts including Four Tet (UK), Grizzly Bear (US), Jamie Lidell (UK) and Buraka Som Sistema (Portugal).

Sydney Festival 2009, First Night

What is VJing?

VJing is literally mixing up visuals on the fly in real-time, reacting to the music and translating it into colour, motion, form. Synarcade throws in all sorts of images into the mix and also uses live camera feedback so that the audience see an extraordianry live audio-visual experience of the band or performer.



Synarcade has created live visuals for leading international acts including:

• Grizzly Bear (US)
• Four Tet (UK)
• Jamie Lidell - Warp (UK)
• Big Bad Voodoo Daddy (US)
• Buraka Som Sistema (Portugal)
• Caribou (Canada)
• Grrilla Step (Pacific Islands)
• Grandmaster Flash (US)
• Mountian Mocha Kilimanjaro (Japan)
• Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears (US)
• Qua (Aus)
• Throwing Muses (US)
• Sister Jane (Aus)
• The Magnetic Heads (Aus)
• The Maple Trail (Aus)
• Caitlin Park (Aus)
• Krafty Kuts (UK)
• Kora (NZ)
Afra & Incredible Beatbox Band (Japan)
• Curse ov Dialect (Aus)
• DJ Dexter from The Avalanches (Aus)
• Shapeshifter (NZ)
• The Devoted Few (Aus)
• The Captain's Package (Aus)
• Entropic (Aus)
• Gauche (Aus)


Synarcade has created large-scale interactive visuals for corporate clients including:

• Panasonic Asia
• VW (Volkswagen)
• Commonwealth Bank of Australia
• Jaguar
• Bondi FM
• The Vagina Monologues
• Rock against Racism
• Imagination Australia
• Tsunami Benefit Metro Theatre


Gauche music launch, Sydney Opera House, 2006

Music videos

Apart from live Vjamming, Synarcade can create music videos for bands, events or performances.


Recent Music Video Work:

+ "Take My Hand" for Gauche- music video combining animation, acrobats, illusions and other assorted audio-visual trickery!

+ "Squeeze" - energetic visuals set to music to be shown in Squeeze fresh juice bars.

+ "Scatterbrain" - animation clip made to the Radiohead song of the same name.



"Creator's Creation" (2001)

• Winner: Woodford Film Festival
• People's Choice: Woodford Film Festival
• Next Wave Digital Medial Project 2001



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